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  • Writer's pictureWaldemar F. Kissel, Jr.

Why Elevated?

The Overland Autonomous Transportation System is entirely elevated except on and off ramps. Why? Countless problems go away immediately for elevated skyways.


All crossings, intersections, wildlife, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, stop signs, street lights, all traffic and delays disappear.


Skyways are above flash flooding, snow cannot accumulate, whiteouts, ice, wind, smoke, heavy rain, and very extreme temperatures present no problem for elevated skyways.


Elevated skyways do not partition cities into privileged and under-privileged neighborhoods, obstruct natural wildlife corridors or disrupt natural environmental drainage and requires a much small footprint than multi-lane expressways.

Elevated skyways allow traffic to flow rapidly without stopping or slowing down, and can be far more effective during mass evacuations for weather conditions.

Finally, elevated infrastructure generally lasts longer and costs far less to build and maintain than a comparable capacity limited-access, 12-lane interstate highway.

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